Review Epic Car Factory game

Epic Car Factory is a game developed by Epic Devs LLC and for those who had played Game dev tycoon knows what the game would be. Yes, it is an economic game that centralized for making your own car company to be successful.

To build and success in grabbing the market in your hand. It's a typical simulation you have to strategies your own way and building the empire of your business from the bottom.

The three difficulties in the game create a enjoying game-play. the full of fast-paced business may give you a hard time to adjust. And don't bother looking for mods of the game, I tried to search for it. It seems mods are not available in the steam workshop.

The game element is about developing your car, training your staffs, increase sales of cars, and researching. Playing as an owner of a Car factory. You can see a clear picture that the more develop your factory and staffs, it will be more challenging to keep the factory from bankruptcy.

There are four stats that are valuable when assembling a car which is Mileage, Looks, Comfort, and Speed. These stats are important for you in raising them later for increasing sales and competition. And to increase them you can increase car parts which is Chassis, Engine, Tires, and the body. If you pick and polish more parts, the cost will be more expensive.

I would love to have a pause button, but right now you can pause with clicking the menu or mail to pause the game. The one thing I liked is the increase of game speed up to four times. So you can skip time more fast and this is important because if developing car took longer that will make me idle.

In development strategy there will be four stats to choose and increasing the stat on the car. While choosing the Research will increase the research point to spent for tuning the parts to make them better. The points are also needed for Researching parts.

While choosing the right price for your car will be vital for making the car better sales in the market. For knowing the right price you can do a market research to know what the trend in the market. There are two Market research type that is available which is the car qualities and the price.

If having a shortage of cash in hand, you can select a contract job to receive a quick cash. These contract job is available by other companies which outsourcing their work. There is no penalty if you finish not on time but the work will not be paid and the done work will be taken.

To get better in finishing this contract job in time is to level up and train your staffs. But be careful that increasing their skills will make the amount of salary increase. Increasing staff skills also effecting the stats on the car.

Overall the game is great for those who likes to play simulation economy. So the more great parts you have, the more skill the staffs you train, and the more strategies in the market and selling, you can conquer the game. If you interested in the game stop by and check it, Epic Car Factory.