Review game Survived By

"Survived By" is a game that is in its early access and it was a free to play of game online with bullet-hell style Roguelite. You will need to register first in the game, and verify your email to create the account in survived by.

There will be a name to filled later to act as a display name for the characters and it can only change later by paying. So create a good name at the start will be a great deal.

Based on the website it says about a returning, I guess it's back from closed beta as an open beta early access on Steam. It's released on 6 Dec 2018, and developed by Human Head Studios and publish by Digital Extremes.

What is roguelite? It's not like roguelikes, but it takes some elements from it, and have complex visuals, but also more casual in strategy. The game has three character classes from the beginning, which is a Harbinger, an Alchemist, and the master of guerilla tactics, Infiltrator.

The one that kinda make me sad is the request time out, I don't know because of my computer or it's about the servers, but wait! It's only a server down temporary so it's not a mistake, so I have to wait temporary for the server to go up, luckily there's nothing wrong so I can play this game. Talk about such a timing. If somewhat you can't access your account, try to check to see if the servers are offline.

I was a bit lost at first but after I see a shadow whereas indicated to where should I go, it's not that difficult anymore as what should I start from. After getting a quest, I should adventure to outside the town or a fortress of something called the tower and level my way up.

It seems I can take a rest and fill my health again in the town, but actually you can fill it anywhere. But because the field is full of monsters so the best location to rest is somewhere undisturbed.

I enter the Cave where my pointer is guiding me to, this game is awesome, the level of great rush and chaos is making me want to play it more. At the cave I finally found my target which is the boss, after so many enemies in the road. And yet I have not yet reach the level required to finish my quest, and off I go again.

And I have died, what should I do?? There is no exit button or come back button, is it because some black lines covering something in the bottom or restart? But when I restart it's stills not, ah maybe there is a wait time to revive. And there is no continued button.

Is it because bug or my resolution again?? (*(*$&%, oh well that means I have to stop here. I'll put an update about this game another time, If you have interest in this kind of game, go here, bye-bye.
Wait, for those who in search of a treasure, here you go Arkane.