Braveland Heroes Review Free Game

Braveland Heroes is a famous Braveland series, which is developed by Tortuga Team and released on steam on 3 January 2019. It's a turn-based strategy game with leading an army and exploring the world. You can start playing as a guest or by email


The king's scepter of the Seven Kingdoms was perfidiously stolen from the throne room. The kings have summoned the mightiest heroes of magic and offered a generous bounty to the person, who returns it.


There are three types of hero that we can pick, the first one is a warrior, the second one is an ice mage, and the third or last one is a pirate captain. It tells a story about a king who called best heroes to defeat thieves and give them reward for bringing back the stolen relic.

The adventures begin from the most left side of the map, and will be fighting enemies along the way. Leveling up to get more gold, items and forces. At the beginning of a fight, can see the stat of the enemies to check what they are best at.

In the town there is army recruitment, unlock at level 3, a smithy unlock at level 4, and duels unlock at level 6. In the Army you can get for free for a limited time or buy it with crystals. There are many places down the road you can visit for an extra army or gold or even an item.

Can learn a new spells or upgrade them at level 5. In the hero tavern you change the hero, which have more of the varieties of heroes to pick, and you can even get a new skin for your hero with a number of crystals.

In duels, need to register first to be able to use it. Can collect star coins to gain enough to get the prize. The price is variable as well, can get some coins, crystals, troops, and others.

At level 7 you can access task, I believe this is a quest that can give extra rewards. Also at this level you can access clans to either join one of them or create a new one.

Difficulty 6/10

The game has no hard difficulties whatsoever, but because it has an online multi-player and co-op also the game also has in-app purchases. Probably there will be some difficulties on that kind of road. Hopefully it won't matter much. When I lost a series of my troops, I thought I will lose them forever, but it was not so I get confused for it. It just needs some gold to get them back to healthy.

My own rating for this game is personal, it is 7/10. You will need at least 699mb disk space required to play this game.

Braveland Heroes